What’s been done so far?

Entrance and Reception

  • Re-painted in blue and white
  • Reception carpets replaced with new vinyl tiles
  • Entrance and stairs flooring replaced
  • New Carpet installed at main entrance.

Disabled toilet/shower

  • Flooring replaced
  • New wall panels installed

Pool Area

  • Damaged pool ceiling tiles removed & replaced or painted
  • Pool Walls painted in Blue & White matching rest of building
  • Pool lights reduced from 240Watt lights/each to 40Watt lights saving 2,000watts in use
  • Deep end and side walls of pool have been re-grouted.
  • New Double Glazed Windows Installed
  • New fixings to store kayaks


  • Seating areas re-painted blue and white & counter area.
  • Replaced the service counter worktops.
  • New vinyl laminate flooring.
  • New Coffee Machine!

Climbing Wall

  • Significant area of the wall panels being re-painted to match rest of colour scheme – white/blue/purple.
  • Climbing routes stripped and reset
  • Old worn out QuickDraw slings & mallions showing rust all replaced
  • Foyer area and access corridor repainted.


  • Electrical Survey carried out and all the actions completed.
  • New external Car-Park lights installed


  • 5 long standing and problematic leaks in process of being repaired.