Croeso! Welcome!

We are pleased to announce that management staff and volunteer board met on 13/11/2020 to start to plan a phased reopening of the Centre.
Initially it will be the climbing wall, then the café and then the pool. The tennis courts managed by HAL are already open and currently free to use. The safe opening of the different areas of the Centre will take place gradually recognizing the importance to the community of reopening these vital facilities and equally recognizing that it must be undertaken to ensure safety of both staff and our customers.

The Climbing Wall will be re-opening on 24th November with the intention to opening the Cafe on Monday 7th December. The pool re-opening will take longer. The pool was emptied to save energy costs during the enforced closure. Whilst it has been emptied the opportunity to re-grout the tiling within the deep end was seized. Whilst the pool has been closed the filtration system and circulation pumps have also been serviced. The pool and changing rooms are served by two air handling units of which one has been serviced and some repairs are due to be carried out. The second air handling unit also requires servicing and this is also in the process of happening. The pool does take several weeks to refill and then due to the filtration system servicing it will require a further week or so to ensure that everything is working properly.

The pool and changing rooms need to have all of these elements fully functioning before we can open this part of the Centre up to the public, therefore we are not planning to open the pool until at least January. It is the utmost priority though to get all areas of the Centre open to the community as soon as possible.
We are excited to welcome people back gradually and we will be proudly showing you all the redecoration and refurbishment that has been happening. We are taking this time to look at everything that is offered at HAL with fresh eyes. We welcome input from all our customers and Centre users.

Talking of fresh eyes – we are looking to boost the numbers of volunteer directors on the HAL board – please get in touch. It is a great way to give back to the community and support a resource which needs greater volunteer input for the board to keep the resource going.
Harlech and Ardudwy Leisure Team

For more information on work that’s been done and some pictures please click here.


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