Aqua & Swim Fit – Returning AUGUST 2022


Do you fancy a go at doing some aerobics in the pool, these sessions are a great way of getting into shape, you don’t need to be able to swim and can stay close to the side with your feet on the floor. Aqua-Fit is one of the best forms of fitness, whilst in the water; it is low impact and great for your joints and building your fitness levels and GREAT fun. You work harder in the water than on land… so there’s no excuse why you can’t give it a go!


Do you fancy working on your technique, need some motivation during your swimming training, these sessions are for able swimmers.

This pool based workout programme suits all levels of fitness from the novice swimmer with a trusty one stroke technique right through to advanced and competitive swimmers.

The sessions are aimed at improving your swimming fitness and challenge you a bit. You will be allocated a lane in accordance to your ability and given set tasks to achieve during the session – it’s great for working on your fitness or training towards a triathlon or a swimming challenge that you have entered.