We are a fully inclusive organisation and we can adapt climbing sessions to accommodate the needs of individuals or groups with disabilities. We believe that climbing should be for everyone which is why we ensue all our instructors get the opportunity to attend the Climbing for All course. We will always provide a friendly welcome and endeavour to make every session enjoyable to all individuals.
In the past we have welcomed autistic climbers, blind climbers, deaf climbers, and lots more people who might have thought climbing was not for them! The sessions can be organised to suite the individual groups. Sessions can be run for an hour or longer depending on the needs of the group the pace of the session is dictated by the group
Our new hoist facility enables users who require the use of a wheelchair or who use crutches or walking frames who want to experience the thrill of climbing. The climber is harnessed up in a seated position and hoisted by one of our instructor. Depending on the climber’s mobility, either they are hoisted up the wall entirely or they can grab on to the climbing holds and pull themselves up with the instructor’s support.
Please contact us if you wish to discuss your needs in more detail.